Green Meadows Farm

This project is located in Elsie, Michigan and began in March, 2008. Estimated annual emission reductions are 20,000 metric tons CO2e/year.


Project Overview:

Green Meadows Farm is a 3,000 cow dairy farm in Central Michigan.  The owners of Green Meadows Farm, working in conjunction with a team from Michigan State University, installed an anaerobic digester to capture methane that would otherwise be released from livestock manure. The methane biogas generated from the decomposition of dairy manure is used to as a fuel to generate electricity for the farm and is also exported to the local grid.


In addition to abating the release of thousands of tons of methane, this project supports the economic development of the local dairy community, the emergent market for grid-connected renewable energy and offers the following social and environmental benefits to the local population:

  • Improved air and water quality for local farmers and residents
  • Creation of a stable, pathogen-free organic fertilizer
  • Increased revenue streams for dairy farmers in economic difficulty
  • Creation of employment opportunities during the manufacture and installation of digesters
  • Creation of a permanent employment opportunity to support digester monitoring and maintenance

Certification and Verification:

Camco International Group developed this project in accordance with the Climate Action Reserve Livestock Project Verification Protocol, version 2.0.  It has been successfully verified by SCS Engineers and is registered under the Climate Action Reserve.